Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Following the extension to our UKAS accreditation to include non-destructive testing (NDT), rak have continued to grow our team and develop the range of services offered. We have invested heavily in new equipment and are able to provide all the basic NDT services in supporting inspections including:

  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Flaw Detection
  • Penetrant Testing
  • Eddy Current Weld Testing
  • Scorpion UT Spider wall crawler
  • Silverwing MFL tank floor scanner

rak are providing this NDT capability to a number of clients to support the pressure systems and tankage inspections we are undertaking for them. Having a number of our inspection engineers qualified to undertake NDT allows clients to benefit from a cost-effective complete service, as the inspection engineers are able to undertake the NDT requirements of the inspection in a single site visit, reducing the need for additional resource and further costs.


Non UKAS Accredited Specialist NDT

In addition to the basic NDT techniques, rak have the capability to sub-contract and deliver ultrasonic phased array inspection.
Ultrasonic phased array can be employed in almost any situation where conventional ultrasonic flaw detection has traditionally been used. Weld inspection and crack detection are the most important applications, and these tests are done across a wide range of industries including aerospace, power generation, petrochemical, metal billet and tubular goods suppliers, pipeline construction and maintenance, structural metals, and general manufacturing. Phased array can also be effectively used to profile remaining wall thickness in corrosion surveys of pipes, vessels and tanks.
Phased array ultrasonic inspection is, in some instances, utilised in replace of radiography given the safety advantages offered in eliminating the risk of exposing individuals to radiation whilst achieving the desired inspection, especially when inspecting field welds during shutdowns/turnarounds.